Deliverance of Last Chaos

~Grá, Dílseacht, Cairdeas ~

~ Welcome ~ 

                                                              *Rules of Conduct*

1. Respect.  Not only to your fellow guildies but also to other players. There's no need for cursing someone out, making fun of someone or calling them names. First, it's a RULE in the game that is punishable and second, what good does it do anyway?  ~Treat others the way that YOU want to be treated~

2. Lend a hand.  If a fellow guild member is in need of assistance please offer it! This doesn't mean that you have to give someone 1m cash if they "need" it. It means if you can help buy donating armour or weapons you don't use or know of a member that is need of a specific production item or something give it to them, or at least sell for a nominal fee. If I hear of guild members overpricing items to fellow guildies you will be banned. Now if you want to sell an item that's overpriced to other players so be it, just keep it outside the guild.

3. Must maintain as an active user.  This includes the following:

             o     Logging into Last Chaos at least once a week

             o     Participating in Guild Events

             o     Being present at Guild Meetings

NOTE:  Please advise someone if you are going to be absent for awhile. If a guild member is sick or has other obligations and hasn't logged on in a week we're not going to kick you out. Just give the curtesy of a quick email to let us know what's going on.

4. Loyalty to your guild. If by some chance you and a fellow guild member have a dispute over something don't go around trashing that person or the guild. Be adult about it and have a private conversation with that person to try to settle the problem. If you can't please contact me or a guild advisor immediately and we will mediate and work this out with you. We don't want guildies fighting, we want everyone to get along. Loyalty also means NOT having another character in a different guild. =)

              o    The guild will be run on a voting system. The Guild Master has 3 total votes and both Guild Advisors have 2 total votes. Same with High Council. In the event of a tie Guild Master has final decision in matter.

              o    This is YOUR GUILD!! Feedback is most appreciated and we want all of you to be involved in this! If you don't like the way that something is being handled, whether good or bad, please let us know. We will take it into consideration. Nothing will be done without putting it to a vote.

             o     I'm going to start a Guild Fund for parties and treasure hunts that we'll be hosting. All monies/items are to be given to the Guild Master or Advisor and will be recorded on this website. Check it often to see how much you've donated!

             o     Finally, please feel free to email me at anytime. We are in EST timezone.                     


 ~We are in EST~